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    Posted by Keith Godfrey on 4/30/2019 5:00:00 AM

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    As the school year comes to a close, it is time for our students to take state tests.  These tests, called SC READY and SCPASS, are both very important to our students.  We need your help in order for students to do their very best! First, please do not schedule appointments on your child’s testing dates.  It is also important that students are at school and on time on testing days.

    Our testing dates are included below.


    ELA day 1

    ELA day 2


    Science or Social Studies

    3rd grade

    May 7th

    May 8th

    May 15th


    4th grade

    May 14th

    May 15th

    May 21st

    May 17th

    5th grade

    May 7th

    May 8th

    May 14th

    May 10th

    You can also help your student do his/her best by:

      • Getting plenty of rest the night before tests
      • Making sure the morning of a test is calm and unrushed
      • Making sure your child’s MacBook is at school and charged
      • Making sure your child is at school and on time
      • Making sure your child knows you are confident in him/her

    Please don’t hesitate to contact the school or your child’s teacher if you have questions about the upcoming tests!  As always, thank you for partnering with us to provide the best education for your child!

    Rene Ford
    Assistant Principal

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Cleveland News


  • Tiger Talk

    Tiger Talk Parent Newsletter

    We are excited to publish our very first issue of Tiger Talk, a monthly newsletter for parents. The goal of Tiger Talk is to provide parents with instructional news, information and resources that will guide them in helping their students to excel academically. Page one of Tiger Talk is written in English while page two is written in Spanish. Read this month's issue of Tiger Talk.

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  • saving for success Cleveland Students Can Bank on Success

    Thanks to our partnership with the Carolina Foothills Credit Union, students at Cleveland are now invited to open a personal savings account. Student accounts can only be established with a parent permission form and an accurate social security number. Student savers will have the opportunity to make deposits to their accounts, on a weekly basis, at the school's make-shift bank branch in the cafeteria.  Get More Information Here.  


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  • super heroes Saturday Symphony

    A very generous benefactor provided our students with tickets to the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra on November 10th.  The theme was "Heroes and Villains" so our students came dressed to save the day!

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  • students learn about gardening Students Learning To Garden

    With a grant from Clemson University and in cooperation with many of our business and community partners, students and teachers are excited about our NEW GARDEN SPACE. It began in the Spring with a comprehensive plan and opportunities for students to actually construct the garden beds, build the soil levels, learn about composters and the many facets of gardening.  Watermelon, tomatos and other good foods are already growing in the raised beds and work has already begun on some of the additional areas of this new outdoor learning space. 

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  • mars map Going to Mars

    Andy Aldrin, president of the Buzz Aldrin Share Space Foundation and son of former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, visited The Cleveland Academy of Leadership recently where he unveiled a GIANT Mars maps that will be used by fourth graders studying our solar system. The Mars Map will help teachers expand the current STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) curriculum. Fourth grade is the target age, and they’re being called the Mars Generation, because the belief is the first person to live on Mars is sitting somewhere in a fourth-grade classroom.


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