• student with family


    Parents, students, grandparents--everyone is encourage to join Carver's Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO). Membership is only $5, but you can purchase multiple memberships per household. 


    "A Man's Meal" Breakfast

    Dads and male mentors will create a pool of peoplewe can call on to meet the needs and interests of our students. Activities include breakfast meetings, accoutability phone calls, career shadowing and class visits.


    Mom's "SPA" day (Structuring, Planning, Advocating)  

    A club for moms of Carver students that give them a voice and space to offer opinions and concerns. United Way will offer training to anyone interested in learning how to more effectively communicate with the school and use your voice to advocate for your student.


    Parent Cafe

    Parent open forums and training sessions. Open to all Carver parents and guardians.


    Parent/Student Support

    Free counseling for students who have been suspended and/or on contract. 


    For more information about any of these programs, contact Mr. Chris "CeeJ" Jefferson, cljefferson@spart7.org.