• School Supplies

    Required Daily

    • 1- 3inch 3 Ring Binder
    • Notebook Paper
    • Dividers
    • Pencils/Pen
    • 5 Pocket Folders with Prongs
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  • New Student Orientation

    All students attending WFLC must attend a REQUIRED orientation.  Orientations are held on Wednesdays.  Parents and students should arrive at 2:45 pm.  Parents and students must be present. Please prepare to stay for about 90 minutes.  Once the orientation meeting begins, parents and students are not allowed to enter the presentation.  Please arrive on time.

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  • Dress Code Policy

    WFLC DRESS CODE POLICY- Non Negotiable

    The Flex Center’s uniform policy is in place to promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment. The potential benefits of school uniforms include:

    • instilling students with discipline
    • helping students resist peer pressure
    • helping students concentrate on their school work
    • helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school

    The goal for our students to dress appropriately each day. 


    • Khaki or Light Tan Pants for all students (no Khaki colored jeans will be allowed)
    • Belts–Black, Brown or Tan; no slide belts
    • Pants must be worn at the waist. Pants must have belt loops and the belt worn at all

    No large belt buckles or chains allowed on the pants. No skirts, jumpers, cargo pants, jeans, sweat suit pants, pajamas, pictures or messages on clothing. Short pants or oversized clothing will not be allowed.


    • High School–Black collared polo style shirt, long or short sleeve
    • Middle School–Navy blue collared polo style shirt, long or short sleeve
    • Students taking PE will be required to have a solid white T-shirt

    No pictures or messages are allowed on clothing.  Shirts must be tucked into pants.  IF you wear an undershirt – IT MUST BE SOLID WHITE WITH NO GRAPHICS OR WRITING.

    Coats are not allowed to be worn throughout the building.  Students will be required to put them in their assinged locker.  Students must purchase a solid long sleeve sweatshirt to wear during the winter (No Hoodies).  High School students must purchase black, and middle school students must purchase navy blue.  No emblems/logos are allowed on the sweatshirts.


    Shoes/sneakers must fit securely on the foot.  Shoes with open toes or backless shoes (including crocs, boots, flip flops, sandals, mules and slides) are not allowed.  Shoes must be laced properly or buckled.

    No colored wristbands, rubber bands, neck beads, headbands, bandanas, do- rags, jewelry, tongue or body piercings are allowed. No magic markers.

    Gym shorts, blue jeans, or pajama pants may not be worn under khaki pants.

    Conventional hairstyles with natural hair color ONLY. No color in braids.


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  • Early Dismissal

    Students are dismissed during class change time only to avoid disrupting classroom instruction. Please make sure you send a note in the morning to avoid disruptions, and we will have students waiting for you in the front office. Also, learning the bell schedule is very important.  Please make sure you obtain a copy during orientation, and/or view it on the website.

    Any student leaving campus before the established dismissal time is required to have a parent or guardian sign the student out in the front office of the school building. Sign outs will only be allowed between classes.

    Early Dismissal, leaving before the end of the school day is discouraged. All early dismissals are classified as either excused or unexcused absences. Time missed due to early dismissal will count against a student’s attendance record in the class(es) missed. Therefore, whenever possible, parents are strongly encouraged to arrange appointments after school hours for students.

    The following are classified as lawful excused dismissals:

    1. Medical appointments, with a doctor’s statement required to change from unexcused.
    2. Illness of a student, as verified by the school nurse or administrator, and contact established with a parent.
    3. Illness in the immediate family that is verified by a parent or doctor.
    4. Death in the immediate family.
    5. Court appearance, with appropriate documentation.

    Request for early dismissal must be given to the office secretary at the beginning of the school day. All early dismissal requests must be in writing and contain the following:

    • Student’s full name and current date.
    • Reason and time for dismissal.
    • Signature of legal parent/guardian, and
    • Telephone number where parent can be reached.

     All Early dismissal requests will be verified by telephone. Students will remain on campus if dismissal cannot be verified with parent/guardian.

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