A school is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside. – Lon Watters

  • There are so many reasons to consider E.P. Todd School. We love our students, and it shows. 

    Our pre Kindergarten through fifth grade school model is student and family centered. 

    We offer a thriving Montessori program at Todd. Montessori classrooms feature multi-age or grade learners. The scientifically prepared environments contain a wide variety of materials from which the child may choose appropriate learning tools. The Montessori teacher acts as a mentor and guide to encourage individual exploration, discovery, practice, and success. Awareness of, and concern for, the welfare of the group is an integral part of our program. It is important for children to know their role in the scheme of life, therefore the Montessori curriculum focuses on interdependence of all things. Freedom with responsibility is basic to Montessori’s thinking. 

    Additionally, our school offers excellent activities and related arts options for our students, providing a well-rounded learning experience for all.