Instructional Technology at Cleveland

  • student with computer

    Technology plays a vital role in how our society operates today. At The Cleveland Academy of Leadership we strive to provide the technology resources and support that will aide in the educational success of our students. Our vision with technology is that it will support the personal success for all students by creating opportunities that allow for innovation, connection, and growth. The technology department supports everything from technology hardware and infrastrucutre to the instructional integration of technology.

    The Cleveland Academy of Leadership supports personalized learning through a variety of digital learning opportunities. Schoology is School District Seven’s personalized digital learning platform that supports students and teachers to create instructional environments that focus on creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking (the 4C's of twenty-first-century learning).

    Each of our fourth and fifth grade students are provided with a Macbook Air computer that is used during class and which is available to take home on a daily basis. Second and third grade students each have a Macbook Air for school use and all 5K and First grade students have an iPad for classroom use.

    Our classrooms are equipped with cutting edge technology such as Promethean Touchscreen ActivPanels. These allow teachers to create and deliver rich multimedia content to students.