• E.P. Todd is a school in Spartanburg District 7 that works to equip and inspire our students on their path to becoming productive members of our community. The E.P. Todd PTO serves students from 3K-5th grades, many who come from high poverty areas in our community. The only public school in Spartanburg offering a Montessori program, E.P. Todd hosts both traditional and non-traditional classrooms. The E.P. Todd PTO works to serve all students.

    The E.P. Todd PTO supports teachers in their day-to-day work providing quality educational experiences for these future community leaders. Our PTO is a tax-exempt organization committed to supporting the mission of our school by collaborating with students, staff, families, and local businesses to fundraise and provide educational activities or materials to all students from Pre-K through 5th grade.

    During the challenging 2020/2021 school year, the E.P. Todd PTO provided a much-needed laminator for the school, teacher gifts, and teacher grants. As much as these items have helped, the PTO hopes in the future to replace playground equipment, create a supply closet for teachers, and answer critical needs from teachers. Please consider joining the E.P. Todd PTO or giving a donation to help us achieve our goals.

    We can be found on Facebook at @ToddPTO or by emailing EPTPTO@spart7.org



    President-Christel Schweizer

    Vice President-Pat Johnson

    Treasurer-Amanda Bennett

    Secretary-Tracy Stapleton

    TA-Jocelyn Smith

    Board Member-Jay Sikma

    Teacher Liaison-Laura Lutz



    In March of 2021, we held our Mad Minute March Madness fundraiser. This unique event saw sixteen teachers and staff face off against each other in silly minute long challenges, in a bracket style event. Parents and supporters of the PTO purchased brackets, which they filled out, and then received points based on which challenges they correctly predicted the winner of. The winner chose a classroom to receive 25% of the funds raised.