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    About the Department of Transportation
    School buses have proven to be the safest form of transportation in the nation. In District 7, we transport approximately 8,400 students to and from school each day on school buses. 
    Bus Rider Registration 

    Our transportation team stands ready to help your student get to school!

    • If your child rode the bus last year, and you are at the same address, you do not need to submit a new Request for Transportation. We will email you to confirm your child is a bus rider.
    • If you have moved or changed addresses, you must submit a new Request for Transportation form. Please submit a separate request form for each child who will be a bus rider.
    • If you have a child who will be a new bus rider this year, you must submit a Request for Transportation form. Please submit a separate request form for each child who will be a bus rider.

    Bus route information will be emailed to all bus riders about a week before school starts. If you have questions about bus transportation, please email transportation@spart7.org.

    Register your student as a bus rider for the 2024-2025 school year

    Kindergarten - 1st Grade 
    Parent/guardian (listed on student registration form) must be at the bus stop to receive their kindergarten - first grade child. If the parent/guardian is not at the stop to receive the child, he/she will be returned to the school.  If the child is returned to school three times, transportation privileges will be denied. 

    Student Discipline
    Student bus-related discipline issues are handled by the school administration. Concerns regarding student bus discipline may be directed to an assistant principal or an area transportation supervisor. Additional information regarding bus discipline may be received by referencing the transportation section of the District's Code of Student Conduct Handbook.

    Coordination and Maintenance of Buses
    Although our school buses are funded and owned by the state of South Carolina, we coordinate and manage the routing of buses and oversee the performance of the bus drivers locally. Buses are routed according to state law and regulations. Transportation to and from school is paid for by the State of South Carolina and managed by the District’s Student Transportation Services Division. The state authorizes transportation for students who live more than 1.5 miles from school. In certain cases, transportation may be authorized for students who live within a 1.5-mile radius when the walking route is declared as hazardous. From the time a bus arrives at a bus stop in the morning, until the bus returns to that bus stop after school, students who ride the bus are under the control of school officials. While on the school bus, the bus driver is the designated school official. Therefore, students must comply with the instructions and guidance provided by the driver. In case of misbehavior on the bus, principals may suspend or recommend expulsion from the bus or school. To determine if transportation is provided for your area, please contact us. Bus stop locations and times are subject to change. Maintenance and servicing of the buses is handled by the State Department of Education, Office of Transportation - Bus Shop.

    Bus Safety Rules

    • You should arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes ahead of time.
    • Wait away from the edge of the road.
    • Let the bus come to a complete stop before you move.
    • Never cross the street behind the bus.
    • When crossing the street in front of the bus, wait for your bus driver to signal you to go.
    • Never reach under the bus for something that’s fallen.
    • While riding on the bus, practice good manners. Stay seated, talk softly and obey your bus driver.

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