Testing Programs

  • Pine Street School students participate in a number of tests during each academic year. Below is a list of those tests and a little about each. Should you have any questions concerning any of these tests, please feel free to contact the School Counselors.


    Measures of Academic Progress. MAP is given to students in grades 2-5 in Reading and Math. These tests are given three times a year. MAP is a computerized test that gives automatic feedback to the child and the teacher as to the student’s strengths and weaknesses in those two areas.


    These tests are part of our gifted and talented recognition test. Students in grade 2 take the ITBS and CogAt in the fall of each year. Students in 4th grade take the InView in the fall of each year. Students in grade 2 take the Inview in the spring of each year.


    Palmetto Assessment of State Standards. These tests are given to students in grades 3-5 each year in the areas of writing, reading, math, science, and social studies in April/May of each year.



    Lee Shirley, Guidance Counselor Grades 3-5

    Natalie Mullen, Guidance Counselor Grades K-2

    Ann Moore, District Seven Gifted and Talented