Mission Statement

  • McCracken Middle School Athletics strives to ensure all student-athletes become responsible citizens in all aspects of their lives by demonstrating a spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for coaches, teammates, school community as well as become effective participants in the arena of society.

    The coaching staff has three primary goals in developing our players:


    1. To nurture each player with a passionate attitude towards growth and healthy competition.

    2. To develop each players ability to compete to their highest potential while on the court.

    3. Ask each player to develop equally as a student and person by using skills they will learn on the court such as leadership, teamwork, effort and character in the classroom.

Athletic Director

  • At McCracken, we have knowledgeable and experienced teachers, coaches, and group sponsors in place to make sure that each student learns and enjoys the activity he or she chooses to experience. We offer many extracurricular activities that will help make middle school students more well-rounded individuals by teaching important character traits such as sportsmanship,discipline, leadership, and how to lose gracefully as well as win with class.

    Our student-athletes are young men and women who want to reach their fullest potential in their sport, and with the help of coaches, teachers, teammates, and parents they can reach that goal and leave McCracken more equipped for competition at Spartanburg High School.

    Thank you, parents and guardians, for allowing our coaches to be a part of your child’s life through athletics.


    Ralph Fowler
    Phone: 864-594-4457