Enroll a New Student for 2021-2022 (3K-4K)

  • 3-Year-Old Kindergarten Programs
    Families residing in District 7 with children who will turn 3 on or before September 1 of the upcoming school year have two opportunities for 3K programs:

    Families zoned for Meeting Street Academy, Cleveland Academy of Leadership, and Mary H. Wright may apply for Meeting Street Academy's 3K program. Enrollment requires eligibility screenings and class sizes are limited.

    Three year olds are also elligible to enroll in the Montessori Program at E.P. Todd School. A tuition fee is charged and class sizes are limited.

    For more information, please call:

    Meeting Street Academy (864) 253-1800
    E.P Todd School at (864) 594-4475

    4-Year-Old Kindergarten Program

    District 7's free 4K program is available for eligible children who will be 4 years old on or before September 1st. During the 2021-2022 year, 4K programs will be available at the Cleveland Academy of Leadership/The Franklin School, Drayton Mills Elementary School, E.P. Todd School, Mary H. Wright Elementary, and Meeting Street Academy. Students zoned for ALL District 7 elementary schools may apply. Starting in 2022-2023, 4K programs will also be available at Jesse Boyd Elementary and Pine Street Elementary.

    The 4K program provides a full-day, comprehensive approach to learning and follows the regular arrival and dismissal times of our elementary schools. Bus transportation is available, and breakfast, snack and lunch are served daily. The program incorporates evidence-based practices with ongoing assessment, and focuses on the developmental support children must have in order to be ready for kindergarten. Students with the greatest academic and financial need are prioritized for enrollment; therefore, every effort will be made to place each student within their home school but some students may be placed in another District 7 school only for their 4K year.

    Residents who live outside of Spartanburg School District  7's attendance zone may apply to attend a school in our district. If accepted, out of district fees will apply as follows:  $1,800 a year for one student; if enrolling two students the fee for the second student is $1,300; if enrolling three students the fee for the third student is $800. 

    District Seven 4K Enrollment Process & Criteria

    Enrollment for the 4K Program is open and non-discriminatory. Prior to acceptance, all preschool students must be baseline-tested for school readiness using the DIAL-4 screening tool. Testing for applications received by May 25 will be held on May 18, May 25, May 27 and May 28. Your student will be scheduled for testing once the school has received all application materials. Families who apply by May 25 will be notified of acceptance by July 1. Applications received after May 25 will be processed if space is available. Once 4K enrollment is full, students will be placed on the waiting list and will be prioritized for enrollment based on need (as determined by DIAL-4 screening and financial documentation). Applications may continue to be submitted at elementary schools through June 15; thereafter, they may be submitted again starting August 2 when staff return for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Required 4K Application Enrollment Documents

    To apply for enrollment in the 4K program, a parent/guardian must complete the 4K Enrollment Application (PDF) and present it along with the following to their elementary school: 

    4K application

    1.  State Birth Certificate

    Need a copy of a birth certificate?

    2.  South Carolina Certificate of Immunization or South Carolina Certificate of Religious Exemption obtained from the Spartanburg County Health Department

    Need a copy of your immunization certificate?

    3.  Two current proof of residency documents (all must contain property address) in the name and property address of the parent or legal guardian. This must include ONE of the following: A recent tax document for primary residence, current signed rental/lease agreement with legally notarized documentation from landlord verifying current address, AND ONE current utility bill (i.e. electric, gas, water, cable).

    4.  Valid parent/guardian photo I.D. (i.e. - S.C. DMV issued I.D. or driver's license)

    5.  Proof of household income -  EITHER one item from the following list: current pay stub, W-2 or Tax Forms (If married,proof for both parents is required) OR child's Medicaid card

    Once you have submitted your new student enrollment forms, the school will provide you with a "Snapcode" to complete the enrollment process online. Return to this page to enter your Snapcode here:

    Snapcode Button English Version      Snapcode Button Spanish Version

    4-Year-Old Kindergarten Program Restructuring for 2021-2022

    Announced in March 2021, the 4K restructuring plan is designed to increase kindergarten readiness across the district. The program will move from the Early Learning Center at Park Hills into students’ “home” elementary schools, expanding capacity in order to provide early academic intervention for more students. Placing 4K students in their home schools will also encourage families to enroll their children in District programs earlier and provide students with a stronger academic foundation, which will positively impact success throughout their K-12 education career.

    4K being in the elementary schools will:

    • Provide 4K students access to more comprehensive schoolwide services and programs;
    • Enable students to form earlier connections with the school and teachers who will serve them for the next six years;
    • Create stronger academic preparation as 4K, 5K and first grade teachers collaborate and better align curriculum across these grades;
    • Enable student progress monitoring at the school level; and
    • Provide access to support from the elementary schools’ parent engagement facilitators, literacy coaches, related arts teachers, and school counselors.

    District 7 also anticipates increased parent engagement at the 4K level as parents recognize the long-term benefit from forming school relationships when their child will remain in that environment for the next six years.

    All of these benefits lead to increased kindergarten readiness for our students, which is a significant indicator for long-term academic success. 

    Priority for 4K enrollment will be based on need, focusing on at-risk students. The first phase of the plan will include 4K programs at The Cleveland Academy/The Franklin School, Drayton Mills Elementary, E.P. Todd School, and Mary H. Wright Elementary. The second phase, anticipated to begin in 2022, will expand the program into Jesse Boyd Elementary and Pine Street Elementary. Meeting Street Academy already has a 4K program, which will continue.

    District 7’s elementary teachers are enthusiastic about welcoming 4K to their schools!

    How to Submit Enrollment Documents - Please Visit Your Neighborhood School's Main Office During Normal School Hours 

    This map of of District 7 shows the location of each of our schools. 

    The Franklin School
    100 Franklin Street (29303)

    Cleveland Academy of Leadership
    151 Franklin Street (29303)
    594-4444, Fax 594-6146

    Drayton Mills Elementary School
    1500 Skylyn Drive (29307)
    586-7979, Fax 586-7989

    E.P. Todd School (In addition to traditional programs, E.P. Todd offers a Montessori program for 3K–5th grade students that is open to District 7 families - the 3K and 4K Montessori programs require a monthly tuition.)
    150 Old Canaan Road (29306)
    594-4475, Fax 594-6152

    Jesse Boyd Elementary School
    1505 Fernwood-Glendale Road (29307)
    594-4430, Fax 594-6143

    Mary H. Wright Elementary School
    457 S. Church Street (29306)
    594-4477, Fax 594-6153

    Meeting Street Academy 
    201 E Broad Street Suite 110 (20306)

    Pine Street Elementary School
    500 S. Pine Street (29302)
    594-4470, Fax 594-6150

    If you have questions in regard to student enrollment, please call your school directly or contact the District Office at 864.594.4400.