• Earn Your Spots is a set of goals that students, teachers, and parents will focus on and measure to make sure that our children have the basic skills needed to succeed at every grade level.

    This was created by our teachers and endorsed by our School Improvement Council.


    In Math, Earn Your Spots mostly focuses on fact fluency. That means we are looking for students to learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. In order to earn spots for math, students must complete timed facts tests with at least 90% accuracy.


    In ELA, Earn Your Spots has a focus on sight words. These are the words that students see most often in reading. In order to earn spots for reading, students must master each set of sight words with 100% accuracy.


    School Improvement Council is working to create and gather resources to allow parents to help students work towards earning spots. Once you check with your child's teacher to see which spot he/she is working on, you can see the other pages in this section to start helping your Dalamtian earn some spots!

Dalamatian with many spots
  • Earn Your Spots for math is all about fact fluency.


    Check back here soon for some links to use for practice.