Email Signatures for Employees

  • One simple yet powerful way to put District 7’s best foot forward is through the use of official email signatures for 2022-2023 by all district employees. With logo options for each school as well as general district options (for employees at non-school work sites), our official signatures create a consistent professional identity for employees while strengthening the branding of schools and the district alike.

    Use of an official email signature is part of the district’s employee expectations and should be implemented by every staff member.

    If you have questions about the email signatures or need assistance with this process, please contact

    District 7 signature  Carver Signature Sample  Jesse Boyd Email Signature Sample


    • All text should be Verdana, which is a standard web font that will display accurately for all recipients
    • Text colors are District 7 Blue (RGB: 0, 53, 94 or PMS 7463) and Gold (RGB: 180, 152, 90 or PMS 872).
    • Name should be bold blue and 11pt
    • Title should be gold and 11 pt
    • Contact information should be in 10 pt and include a gold P (phone), M (mobile), and/or F (fax) with all other text in blue

    The following items can be used in your signature:

    • Name (required)
    • Title (required)
    • School and/or District Logo (required - see options)
    • School (required for school employees)
    • School/work site street address (required)
    • Phone number (required)
    • Mobile phone number
    • Fax number
    • Email address (required)
    • School and/or district website (required)
    • Social media for schools and/or district (links only, no icons). Example: "Follow us: Facebook | Twitter”)


    Select and copy your signature format from the list of district and school logo options located here. Then, create your signature by following the instructions for your specific devices and/or email platforms below. Note that phones will not display an image in an email signature, so the instructions for phones do not include inserting the logo graphic. 

    To test your new email signature, send an email to for review. 

Instructions for Specific Devices & Email Platforms

  • Outlook for Mac

  • Outlook for PC

  • Outlook Web (Office 365)

  • iPhone (if you use District 7 email on your mobile phone)

  • Android (if you use District 7 email on your mobile phone)