Compliance reporting for Proviso 1.113 (Surplus Property)


    Transferring vacant/unused surplus property

    School districts must transfer any qualifying property to any governmental subdivision or state agency that has provided written confirmation of its intent to accept the property for public use by December 31, 2022. The governmental subdivision or state agency must comply with all requirements related to the acquisition of real property or surplus property, and/or requirements related to the establishment of permanent improvement projects prior to accepting the transfer of the property.

    Offering vacant/unused surplus property for sale

    If no governmental subdivision or state agency confirms an intent to accept the property, the district is to offer the property for sale or lease at fair market value as determined by a neutral appraiser and in compliance with existing law providing for sale or lease of such property by a school district.

    No property is being offered for transfer in Spartanburg School District Seven. 

    Surplus materials, supplies and equipment

    Materials, supplies and equipment shall be declared surplus, or obsolete when it is deemed that the property is unusable for school purposes, is obsolete, or the cost of maintenance is excessive.

    The District posts surplus material through the GovDeals internet auction site -