Validating Proof of Residency

  • residency verification

    As part of the enrollment process, Spartanburg School District 7 requires proof of residency for all students every school year. To make this easier for everyone, we will host Document Drop-Off Weeks in all of our schools in the summer. 

    Document Drop-Off Weeks:

    • Why is this required?
      Proof of residency provides verification that students attend the school based on where they reside. You must provide documentation showing that you live at the address in accordance with Federal, State, and District guidelines. 

    • How will Document Drop-Off Week work?
      All schools will be ready to receive your student’s proof of residency between the hours of 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. If you have students in more than one school, the process and timeline for providing documentation will be the same for all. Simply bring a copy of the required documents (see below) to your school’s front office! If your student is participating in School Choice for the coming year, take your documentation to the school they will be attending (all schools have the list of students on School Choice).

    • What should I bring?

    If you submitted proof of residency last year AND have not moved since that time, ONE proof of residency is required: 

      • One current utility bill (electric, gas, water, cable, or landline phone) in the name and property address of the parent or legal guardian

    If you did not submit proof of residency last year OR if you have moved since your last proof of residency submission, TWO proofs of residency are required in the name and property address of the parent or legal guardian:

      • ONE of the following: A recent tax document for primary residence (find yours easily here:, or current signed rental/lease agreement with legally notarized documentation from landlord verifying current address
      • AND ONE current utility bill (electric, gas, water, cable, or landline phone)

    • What if I cannot provide the documents above?

    If you are unable to provide proof of residency via the document options above, please talk with your child's school - they will be happy to help guide you in this process.

    • What if my address changes during the year?
      If your address changes, you must notify the school within 30 calendar days and submit proof of the new residency.