• About IB 

    Jesse Boyd Elementary is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.  There are over 8,000 IB programs being offered worldwide. It is the framework for 5,700 schools in 159 different countries.  

    Schools serving kindergarten through sixth grade students offer the Primary Years Program (PYP). The PYP enables students to learn between, across, and beyond traditional subject boundaries. It provides students with a curriculum that is authentic, conceptual, engaging, significant, challenging, and relevant. A PYP curriculum encourages responsibility and action. 

     The Primary Years Program (PYP) offers an educational framework that is transdisciplinary, inquiry-based, and student-centered.  It is a combination of the best research and practices in education.  

    The PYP curriculum framework consists of three pillars. 

    • The learner: the outcomes for individual students and the outcomes they seek for themselves (what is learning?) 

    • Learning and teaching: the distinctive features of learning and teaching (how best to support learners?) 

    • The learning community: emphasizes the importance of the social outcomes of learning and the role that IB communities play in achieving these outcomes (who facilitates learning and teaching?)