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  • School District 7 is a great place for children and educators! Our hard-working, mission-driven staff is the reason we can provide a safe, nurturing, academically rigorous education. Together with our school families, our staff creates a community that is supportive, engaging and inspiring.

    Open Job Listings in District 7

    Spartanburg County School District Seven is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its employment policies and procedures.

    Substitute Teaching Information

District 7 Accepts Online Applications Only

  • How to Complete an Online Application for Spartanburg District 7 (This does not include Meeting Street Academy)

    Spartanburg School District 7 uses an online system for all vacancies in the district. In order to become a qualified candidate for any position, you must complete an online application and then submit that application to the desired job vacancy.

    Click on “Employment”

    • Within the drop down box, select “Job Openings”
    • Under District 7 Schools, click on "Job Listings".
    • Find the job for which you want to complete and apply, and click on "Apply".
    • To the right of the job posting, under "Apply Now", click on "Apply for this Position".
    • If you have never applied online for District 7, click on "Create New Account and Apply". You can create an account and save and return to your application at any time. Proceed to complete your application.
    • If you already have an account, login and complete your application.

     Important Information Regarding Your Application

    Certification - You can ‘Upload’ your teacher certificate to complete your application.

    • Out of State – list the state & areas of certification.
    • Anticipated – list the state, the anticipated date of completing the program & areas of certification
    • Alternative Certification – List the Alternative Certification Program, area of certification & upload your Letter of Eligibility or certificate that reflects the program.


    All required documents must be uploaded before an application is considered complete. Make sure each document is clear and current.


    Three completed reference surveys are required. You will enter the person's name and their contact information. The system will send them a reference form to complete on your behalf. You must include your supervisor and another person who can speak directly to your teaching skills. You may list more than three people. It is your responsibility to follow up with the references to check on their receipt and completion of the reference. 


    • You may save and return to your application at any time to fully complete it or upload documents.
    • You may edit it after you have completed it and submitted it.
    • You should update it as necessary to keep it accurate and current.