Building for the Future


    When longtime District 7 Administrator Ella Poats chronicled The First Ninety-Eight Years, 1884-1982, she distilled decades of the District’s history into a neat narrative of less than 200 pages. Given the current capital projects underway in the District, recent gains in student achievement, and the every-day advances in technology that impact teaching and learning, action words like progress, innovation, and momentum will surely define this chapter in the life of District 7.

    On March 15, 2016, the residents of D7 clearly expressed their expectations for the children of our community and their faith in the District’s capital plans for the future. With the endorsement of a $185 million bond measure, the District is now positioned to fulfill a number of projects that will bring about significant advances for our school system.

    As we implement our Vision for 2020, we look forward to a process that will engage District 7 faculty and staff, students and parents and a wide range of community partners and stakeholders. To keep you abreast of our progress, we’ll use this website to share ongoing updates and information about the three key projects approved in the plan.

    An overview of the most significant projects are listed below. 

    • In fall 2018, D7 opened new elementary school in the growing Drayton Mills Community. Designed for a capacity of 800 students, the modern learning spaces better accommodates and supports collaboration and creativity in and out of the classroom.
    • In fall 2019, D7 unveiled a new Spartanburg High School. Designed for a core capacity of 2500 students, the 177-acre site on the Eastside includes a 1,000-seat performing arts center and a comprehensive athletic complex with a 7,500-seat athletic stadium and 2,500-seat arena.

    • Following the opening of the new Spartanburg High School, the current high school on Dupre Drive will be repurposed to make way for a new McCracken Middle School, scheduled to be complete in fall 2020.  

    The menu at the left provides access to more detailed information about our building projects as well as architectural renderings and photographs.