Mr. Jeff Stevens

  • jeff.stevens

    Mr. Jeff Stevens assumed the role of Superintendent for Spartanburg School District Seven in July of 2020. He brings valuable experience to the role through his 30 years as an educator and administrator, and also through his lifetime commitment to the betterment of this community.

    A proud product of District Seven, having graduated from Spartanburg High School in 1985, he went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees from Western Carolina University, Furman University and Converse College. He worked in lockstep with former superintendent Russell Booker during his role as Chief Operations Office for District 7 and prior to that as principal of Spartanburg High School for 11 years. Mr. Steven’s shared vision for  District 7 and for Spartanburg continues to play a major role in his leadership as superintendent.

    Mr. Stevens introduced a new theme for 2021-2022, The Power of ONE, and challenged District 7 staff to reach within to realize their power and to join together as we show the world the power of one teacher, of one school, of one school district, and of one District 7 family. When we all work together with a laser focus on our mission to inspire and equip – driven by the belief that everything we need to positively impact students is within each one of us – District 7 is truly unstoppable. That's the Power of ONE. 
    In preparation for this all-important year, D7 teachers have been engaged in training that enables them to better support students in multiple ways. District 7 is focusing on key areas of need in the wake of the pandemic, such as:
    • implementing a student-centered, social and emotional learning approach to teaching and classroom management;
    • a new evidenced-based literacy curriculum (Fountas and Pinnell);
    • a new instructional framework and curriculum maps and pacing guides to help us approach teaching and learning consistently across all schools; and
    • increasing the positive impact of iReady by helping teachers understand how to interpret and apply each student's assessment data in order to provide individualized support.
    Across our district, schools are setting measurable student performance goals and developing strategies to meet them. Resources are intensified for critical areas such as social workers, family involvement facilitators, curriculum and instruction leaders, as only a few examples. The expansion of 4K into our elementary schools has more than doubled the number of students we are serving, with 240 students currently enrolled. The list of high-impact initiatives goes on as District 7 takes the needs of our community with seriousness of heart and mind. 
    We have set our sights on success. Working together, we are championing the Power of ONE transformational year that defies challenges created by the pandemic and sets us on a long-term course for D7 students to soar!

    Mr. Stevens and his wife, Kellie, have been married 22 years and are the proud parents of two children, Garrett and Claire.  They reside on the Eastside of Spartanburg County.