• Compassionate Schools: The heart of Learning and Teaching

    The Compassionate Schools Initiative within Student Engagement and Support at Jesse Boyd provides resources to schools aspiring to consider a trauma responsive infrastructure. Compassionate Schools support all students and are focused ultimately on helping Washington teachers understand fundamental brain development and function, learning pedagogy, recognize a mandate for self care, correctly interpret behaviors, manage negative behaviors successfully with compassionate and effective strategies, and engage students, families, and the community.

    Internal strategies utilized at JBE may include anything from implementing social emotional curricula, weaving mindfulness activities into everyday teaching and learning, creating a contract with a student that provides empowerment of choice — choice of activity, of consequence, or of exercise — to reparative and restorative practices that allow for conflict resolution and the creation of a climate and culture that supports learning. The purpose is to provide mutually beneficial correction for inappropriate behaviors and using the opportunity to teach and model appropriate behavior while maintaining structure and upholding clear expectations.

    These approaches have yielded a significant impact, seen by teachers and students alike; absenteeism goes down, disciplinary referrals decrease, engagement improves, and achievement goes up. Students and staff feel cared for, feel better about themselves, and have hope.

    Compassionate Schools provides a platform for current and incoming teachers to gain and practice these trauma responsive strategies so they are prepared with resources and tools to be successful. It is not a program; it is an individualized process and as such is not “one size fits all.” All members of the JBE administrative team have been trained in Compassionate Schools and each teacher is implementing straegies within their classroom as well as school wide efforts that are taking place.  


    For more information about our Compassionate Schools Program, please contact Meredith Rose at mrose@spart7.org or by calling the school.