Band & Orchestra

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    Fifth grade students have the opportunity of beginning their instrumental musical career at Pine Street Elementary School by enrolling in band. Band Class includes instruction for Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion instruments. All students perform two concerts per year. Some students are selected to participate as well in solo performance opportunities and audition for the SC Band Directors Association Region One Band.

    The main goal in band class is not to restrict the individual student’s musicianship. I hold the philosophy of providing opportunities for students to succeed daily. Because instrumental study is cumulative, it is imperative that every musician has an understanding of a concept (plus adequate reviews to prove mastery of learning) before they progress to another. In order to cover as many concepts as possible, we utilize a “pass-off” style system of instruction.

    Band students “pass-off” each song in our method book, “The Standard of Excellence Book One” by Bruce Pearson, as well as receive whole group instruction and peer mentoring. Through this “pass-off” system, students are allowed to work and develop at their own rate. In my classes, student’s skills are driving the curriculum, rather than the curriculum dictating the student’s skills.
    We strive to develop fine musicians and students of high character. I look forward to having your student enroll in band. For more information about the band's program, email Mr. Matt McDaniel.


    Orchestra classes are available for 5th graders. Each year our orchestra students learn the fundamentals of playing a string instrument through class instruction, performance opportunities such as Winter and Spring Concerts and small ensemble opportunities. For more information about the orchestra, please email Helen Tipton.