A Moment For Mission

  • As District Seven embraces our mission, vision and values statement, we look for opportunities to pause and celebrate a “Moment for Mission.” It might be a story that unfolds in the classroom, an award that demonstrates our commitment “to inspire and equip our students for meaningful lives of leadership and service as world citizens,” or a timely example of living out the values we espouse. In any event, we hope you’ll share these anecdotal moments when you see our mission in action!

    While there’s no doubt education is a profession that gives us ample opportunity to impact the lives of others, there’s absolutely nothing more heartening than the unsolicited affirmation of a parent, a colleague and especially a student. We hope you will take a moment to read these “Moments for Mission”. And remember, those small acts of kindness you often don’t even notice can really make a difference which can last a lifetime.

    If you have a story to share please email Erika Shoolbred


  • Dr. Booker’s Shares a Moment for Mission
    April 14, 2017

    Time and again I’m asked what makes District 7 special. My answer is always the same. Relationships. As one of our seven core values, relationships are at the heart of who we are. They are the essence of what fuels our mission to inspire and equip our students for meaningful lives of leadership and service

    In this Moment for Mission, I want to applaud one of our own who has made a ministry of building relationships with the growing number of families and students in our District who are homeless. On March 28, Dr. Close was honored with the Spartanburg County Foundation’s Mary L. Thomas Award for Civic Leadership for her work with homeless students and their families. As the founder of a program called C.A.S.T. (care, accept, share, teach) Gloria’s aim is to help alleviate poverty by facilitating self-sufficiency for those families who, she believes, are all too often “forgotten or invisible.”

    Gloria’s passion for lifting others up and equipping them for opportunity is truly an inspiration. Her own story of growing up with meager means may be what prompted her to become an educator and a giver, but as you’ll see in this wonderful video tribute to Dr. Close, it’s her boundless belief in the power of hope that’s restoring the dreams and dignity of the “invisible” families in our District.

    On behalf of your District 7 Family, congratulations Dr. Close!