Title I

  • Title I is the first title in the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all students have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quaity education and reach, at minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and assessments. Resources are distributed to schools where needs are the greatest. Title I coordinates services with other educational agencies such as health and social services programs. Additionally, Title I provides greater decision making authority and flexibility within the schools and for teachers.

    Parent involvement is an essential component of Title I. Strong partnerships between the home and the school is a key factor in student success. Every Title I school allocates a portion of its funds for improving parent involvement within the school. Each school develops a parent involvement policy and a school-parent compact that outline expectations and opportunities for including parents in the education of their children. Parents are included on the planning team and are offered the opportunity to give feedback on the school's Title I plan. If you would to participate on the Title I planning team at your child's school, please contact the school office.

    District 7's Title I Schools

    • Cleveland Academy of Leadership
    • Drayton Mills Elementary School
    • Mary H. Wright Elementary
    • Carver Middle School  

    Each of our Title I schools continually monitor the implementation of their Title I plan and welcome input from parents, school staff, and community members regarding its current and future Title I plans. A copy of each school's Title I plan is available in the school's front office for review. If you would like to participate on your school's Title I planning team, or make comments on the plan, please contact the school principal.

District Parent and Family Engagement Policy

  • In support of strengthening student academic achievement, each school district receiving Title I, Part A funds jointly develops with and distributes to parents a written parent and family engagement involvement policy that contains required information from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).This parent and family engagement policy describes how the district will implement a number of specific parent and family engagement activities.

    Spartanburg School District Seven encourages, supports, and values the participation and involvement of parents and families in the educational experiences of their children.  The District recognizes each parent as their child’s first teacher and acknowledges the powerful influence of parents on their child’s life.  The District is committed to developing family-friendly schools, offices, and programs that welcome and serve parents and families in positive and supportive environments. 

    The District acknowledges that students learn best when families and schools work together and develop relationships of shared responsibility and mutual support.  The District recognizes that families are diverse in culture, language, and needs.  It is the goal of District and school administrators, teachers, and staff to meaningfully collaborate with all parents in meeting the needs of individual students. The District believes that parent and family involvement must be pursued and supported by homes, schools, colleges, communities, businesses, faith congregations, organizations, and government entities by working together in a collaborative effort.

     For more information, please select the link below:

    Spartanburg School District 7 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Parent Comments, Suggestions, and/or Questions

  • Spartanburg School District 7 always encourages parents' comments, suggestions and/or questions.

    Our procedures are:

    • Suggestion Box: A suggestion/comment box is available in the front office of the school. Please write your comments and drop them in the suggestion box. The boxes will be checked on a weekly basis.
    • Comments and/or Suggestions (written or verbal): Your comments and suggestions will be noted, considered and responded to in a timely manner. You may use the form below to submit written comments/suggestions.
    • Telephone Calls: Your name, contact number and the subject of your call will be noted and considered. Depending on the nature of the call, a response may have to be given at a later time.
    • Email Correspondence: Your emails will be answered within three to five business days. Depending on the subject of the email, a response may have to be given at a later time. You may email your suggestions to Bagist@spart7.org. 

    Parent Suggestions/Comments Form

    Thank you in advance for your input!

Title I Parent Complaint Procedures

  • Introduction

    In 2015, a new federal education law was signed by the President. This law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), requires schools that receive federal Title IA funding adopt written procedures for resolving complaints filed.


    A “complaint” is a written, signed statement filed by an individual or an organization. It must include:

    1.  A statement that a school has violated a requirement of federal statute or regulation that applies to Title IA.
    2. The facts on which the statement is based.
    3. Information on any discussions, meetings or correspondence with a school regarding the complaint.

    Complaint Resolution Procedures

     Referral – Complaints against schools should be referred to:

    Brett Vaughn 
    Federal Programs 
    Phone: 864-596-8420
    610 Dupre Drive
    Spartanburg, SC  29307

     2) Notice to School – The Federal Programs Office will notify the Superintendent and Principal that a complaint has been received.  A copy of the complaint will be given to the Superintendent and Principal with directions given for the Principal to respond.

     3) Investigation – After receiving the Principal’s response, the Federal Programs Office, along with the Superintendent, will determine whether further investigation is necessary.  If necessary, the Director of Federal Programs and the Superintendent may do an onsite investigation at the school.

     4) Opportunity to Present Evidence – The Director of Federal Programs may provide for the complainant and the Principal to present evidence.

     5) Report and Recommended Resolution – Once the Director of Federal Programs has completed the investigation and the taking of evidence, a report will be prepared with a recommendation for resolving the complaint. The report will give the name of the party bringing the complaint, the nature of the complaint, a summary of the investigation, the recommended resolution and the reasons for the recommendation. Copies of the report will be issued to all parties involved. The recommended resolution will become effective upon issuance of the report.

     6) Follow up – The Director of Federal Programs and the Superintendent will ensure that the resolution of the complaint is implemented.

     7) Time Limit – The period between the Director of Federal Programs receiving the complaint and resolution of the complaint shall not exceed sixty (60) calendar days.

     8) Right to Appeal – Either party may appeal the final resolution to the Department of Education. Appeals should be addressed as follows:

    Division of Federal and State Accountability
    S.C. Department of Education
    1429 Senate Street
    Room 512C
    Columbia, SC 29201

     Title I Parent Complaint Form

Title I Schools