Arts Infused Learning - Reflections

  • Take a few minutes to read the thoughts of some of the teachers, parents, and students to discover how arts infusion has had an impact at Pine Street School.  Email Dennis Regnier to have your thoughts and reflections added to this page.


    "Arts infusion has brought out a new side of my child, a creative side that he did not think he possessed. He is more cognizant of how bringing information to life through the arts helps him retain and recall it long after the subject has been studied. Sometimes a boring subject becomes more exciting after seeing it come alive through action. He also has a better appreciation of other people’s learning styles. He is more confident in his ability to speak in front of his class. My son has learned that sometimes he needs to step up to the plate and become the leader of the group and other times when it is better for him to step back and let someone else take the lead. He has expressed that the class as a whole has bonded like no other class he has ever been a part of and they have become their own community and support system for each other."


    "Art infusion allows students to express thoughts, ideas, and concepts in creative ways. It requires students to think, to cooperate, and to lead. I see endless possibilities an art-infused curriculum can offer students. There is a new kind of energy in the building. Students are not burning out – but catching on fire!"


    "The impact to my son has been noticeable in a number of ways. For such a rules-oriented child, I think it’s been great that he can see there’s not one set way of expressing ideas - that answers don’t always have to come from the teacher’s manual. He has shown remarkable improvement in his ability to think and express himself creatively, and I think he is doing a better job of retaining information he learns in school. Another great result is that his cooperation skills seem to have improved. This teaching approach involves all the students, and they not only learn to work in teams but learn to embrace each other’s strengths and support their weaknesses."


    "Using the arts helps us learn in a fun way, makes the class a team, allows us to be better listeners to our group members as we learn from each other, and makes us excited because we know we’re going to enjoy creating something."


    "Our students are so engaged in the learning process when they are singing, chanting, and moving. The look on our little ones’ faces tells it all. Arts infusion makes learning fun!"


    "I see great benefits from the arts infusion approach. I see that the playing field is leveled for all students without sacrificing content. This approach reaches students who would not normally benefit from a traditional teaching style because it gives voice to their inner creativity and non-traditional thinking. At the same time, students who have always ‘gotten it’ are challenged to think creatively, critically, and globally. I have seen that this approach can also give an enormous amount of energy and freedom to teachers. It gives them a broad spectrum of tools to use in teaching sometimes difficult ideas."


    "This journey through arts infusion has been an exciting experience for teachers and students. It provides students with a sense of ownership of their work, and teachers with many ways to implement the standards in a more creative and hands-on way."