IB Attitudes


    A picture of the IB attitudes listed below

    The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. The attitudes are heavily emphasized in the Primary Years Programme [PYP].  By practicing these attitudes regularly, students develop the traits of the learner profile.  Using the attitudes in MYP and DP is not an IB policy, but at CDS we have chosen to make the attitudes part of our continuum as a tool for character education. 

    We want students to develop:


    Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people


    Being committed to their learning persevering and showing self-discipline and responsibility


    Feeling confident in their ability as learners, having the courage to take risks, applying what they have learned and making appropriate decisions and choices


    Cooperating, collaborating, and leading or following as the situation demands


    Being creative and imaginative in their thinking and in their approach to problems and dilemmas


    Being curious about the nature of learning and of the world, its people, and cultures


    Imaginatively projecting themselves into another's situation, in order to understand his/her thoughts, reasoning, and emotions


    Enjoying learning


    Thinking and acting independently, making their own judgments based on reasoned principles and being able to defend their judgments


    Having integrity and a firm sense of fairness and honesty


    Respecting themselves, others, and the world around them


    Feeling sensitivity towards differences and diversity in the world and being responsive to the needs of others