Mission Statement

  • The mission of Spartanburg High School is to cooperate with home and community to provide educational programs that enable students to realize their potential as productive members of a diverse society.



    • Students education should be a collaborative effort, with responsibility shared by the student, the parents, the school, the community and the state.
    • Students should be provided with maximum opportunities to develop to their fullest potential.
    • Students should exemplify citizenship, self-sufficiency, and strong moral character as contributing and responsible members of a diverse society.
    • Students should be respectful of differences in cultures, customs, religions, languages, and special needs.
    • Students should be prepared for the technologies in the twenty-first century.
    • Students should develop social skills and leadership potential through academic and extracurricular activities.
    • The school should provide a safe and positive learning environment.
    • Instructional programs should be continually developed, monitored, and refined to meet the evolving educational needs of all students.
    • A highly trained, professional, and respected staff, in combination with students and parents who are committed to the educational process, should be the foundation of the program at the school.


  • Sapientia, Vires, et Pax (Wisdom, Strength, and Peace)