Why is Adult Education Important?

  • Diploma/High School Equivalency Diploma Completion

    Did you know... 

    • Full-time workers with a high school diploma earn almost $10,000 more per year than those without a diploma
    • Adults without a diploma are more than twice as likely to be living in poverty as those with a diploma
    • A mother’s education level is the greatest determining factor of her child’s future academic success
    • As of 2020, 65% of all jobs will require a level of education beyond a high school diploma


    English as a Second Language

    Did you know...

    • By 2030, nearly one in five U.S. workers will be an immigrant
    • Nearly 20 millions U.S. adults have limited English language proficiency


    Career Readiness and Soft Skill Certification

    Did you know... 

    • The U.S. is falling behind other countries and cannot compete economically without improving the skills of its workforce
    • In a recent national survey, 92% of business leaders thought that U.S. workers were not as skilled as they needed to be


    Spartanburg County Adult Education can help! 

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