• Inclement Weather Procedures

     Snowy home



    As always the safety and security of our students, staff, and families is of the highest priority when these decisions of school delays or closings are made.

    We know these days can be confusing, so we have the following procedures that we hope will help get all of our students home quickly and safely in the event of a school closing.

     Quick Information

    1. Should school close early after arrival, you will receive a phone call and an email. The information will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram feeds as well as the school's website. This information will also be announced on media outlets such as TV and radio.
    2. In most cases, we will have lunch for students prior to dismissal.
    3. Our teachers use the inclement weather sheet that was filled out as part of the back-to-school information to ensure your child gets home in the way you filled out on that sheet.
    4. During our dismissal process, students will not be dismissed from the main office. The office will be locked prior to dismissal.
    5. School buses and most day care vans will pick up on early release days and, if indicated on your inclement weather sheet, students will be sent home on the bus or day care van.
    6. Because teachers are busy getting students fed and packed up, teachers will not be able to check email for any changes to the inclement weather sheets.


    School Delays

    We sometimes start school late due to cold temperatures or road conditions. Normally there are two hour delays, but on the rare occasion we have a 3 hour delay. The 2 hour delay is simply that we will run everything 2 hours later (except dismissal time). On a 2 hour delay:

    • If the delay is decided upon the night prior, you will receive a phone call and an email as well as postings on Facebook, Twitter and the school's website. We will not call you after 9pm.
    • If the delay is decided in the early morning hours, please stay tuned to email, Facebook, Twitter, the school's website, and your local media. We will not do an all-call in the early morning prior to 8am.
    • Buses will pick up 2 hours later than a normal morning. Sometimes, buses will not run on streets that are too icy and dangerous.
    • 2nd-5th grade car loop will open at 9:15am.
    • 4K,5K and 1st grade car loop will open at 9:30am.
    • School start time will be 9:50am.
    • Should temperatures be below 30, safety patrol students will not need to be on duty and the car lines may take longer than usual.


    School Closings

    We also may experience school closings due to weather. Whenever possible, district officials make the decision to close school the night before the closing. If decisions are made prior to 9pm the night before the closing, you will receive a phone call. No phone calls will be made to your home after 9pm from JBE. Information will be emailed and posted on our Facebook, Instagram and school websites. If the decision to close school happens in the morning, the information will be posted on the school's website, Facebook and Twitter, and you will receive an email. No phone calls will go out prior to 8am. All information on closing will also be on media outlets such as TV and radio.


    When we experience a disruption in regularly scheduled school days, such as due to inclement weather, and traditionally would have to cancel school, District 7 students are able to continue their lessons at home via eLearning.

    Students will have regular assigned classwork on eLearning Days, and their teachers will be available electronically. Students will be required to complete and submit all assignments as well as communicate with their teachers during the virtual eLearning days.

    eLearning Information