Prescription Medications

  • Prescription Medications can be dispensed by the school nurse or principal’s designee if written permission is granted by the parents or legal guardian and we have a health care practitioner’s order. Medications prescribed for an individual child shall be kept in the original container bearing the original pharmacy label with a current date. Pharmacies can provide 2 labeled bottles, one for school and one for home.

    If a medication is prescribed to be taken once or twice a day, give these medicines at home.

    When medication is prescribed by the physician to be taken three times a day, (such as antibiotics), it should be given at home in the morning, after school, and in the evening. This is an acceptable method of medication administration unless otherwise specifically ordered by the physician.

    If the medication is prescribed to be taken four or more times a day, the nurse will be glad to accommodate you, but the above guidelines must be followed. If your child goes on a field trip that is longer than the normal school day (24 hours or longer) the parent is responsible for providing medication in a labeled bottle with instructions for the person assisting with the medications.