Transportation is made available to all students. New students will be contacted by the driver to inform parents of pick up and drop off times. Buses will pick up and deliver students directly to their homes. 


    1. Bus drivers are not allowed to leave a student unless a responsible adult is available to supervise the student. The adult must be a parent or other responsible person that is listed on the registration form.
    2. If the responsible adult cannot be at home at bus time, the adult must call the transportation office prior to the end of the school day. Once the bus driver is on the route, changes in drop-off points cannot be made.
    3. Make sure that your child is fully clothed, toileted and ready at the bus stop five minutes before pick up time. (Weather conditions can result in a later pick-up time.)
    4. Bus drivers are not allowed to wait more than three (3) minutes after arriving at a student’s home and are not allowed to blow the horn, except in an emergency. Waiting longer creates later pick up times for other students.
    5. If your child misses the bus, the bus personnel cannot come back. It will be your responsibility to transport your child to school.
    6. Students are expected to follow the bus rules in order for us to safely transport students. (Bus rules and consequences will be distributed to all parents at the beginning of the school year.)
    7. Should you move during the school year, please notify immediately the school office at 596-8491, and the Assistant Transportation Director, Cynthia Dawkins, at 809-7224. It may take up to three (3) days for your child to be reassigned to another bus route.
    8. Before any student may begin riding the bus in a wheelchair, the parents must bring the chair and the student to school to determine if the chair meets all safety standards required.
    9. If your child does not need transportation on any day, please make a courtesy call to your driver as early as possible. The number will be made available to you. If for some reason you are unable to reach the driver, please call the school. If the bus arrives to pick up your child and your child does not ride the bus for three (3) consecutive days, this will be reported to the Assistant Transportation Director. Bus personnel will be instructed not to attempt to pick up your child until a parent or guardian makes a phone contact with the school and/or Transportation Coordinator.
    10. Any medication transported on the bus must be placed in the locked box on the bus. No medication will be transported in students’ book bags.

    School Phone: 864-596-8491                      
    Assistant Transportation Director: 864-809-7224