Bus Discipline Guide

  • The following is the procedure or procedures followed if behavior problems occur on the bus. This is meant to be used as a guide only and approached with flexibility, considering individual differences and needs.

    Actions Taken:

    • Warning- Driver addresses behavior(s) with student as applicable. Teacher/Program Specialist/Assistant Principal will be informed.
    • Up to three (3) written reports will be made to Assistant Transportation Director, teacher, program specialist, and assistant principal/principal as deemed necessary. Parents will be informed of written reports.
    • Upon a third report, an IEP meeting may be scheduled. A change in transportation services may be deemed necessary.
    • Bus Suspension from the bus may occur at any point based on the severity of the incident. The administrator will contact the parent(s). A bus suspension is not a school suspension. Parents/ Guardians will have the responsibility of transporting the student to and from school on the dates of the bus suspension. If the student is not at school during the bus suspension dates it will be recorded as an unlawful absence.