Welcome to the Cleveland Media Center

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    Welcome to the Media Center at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership!

    Our goal is to help foster a love for reading by connecting students with books they will enjoy and by assisting teachers with the right materials they need to support the student curriculum.


     COVID-19 Procedures

    Students will remain 3 feet apart as much as possible.

    Chairs and tables will be sanitized in-between classes.

    Students will use hand sanitizer before looking for their books.

    Books will no longer be quarrantined.


    Scholastic Book Fair Returns!


    The Scholastic Book Fair was held Sept. 7th-14th.


    We had a very successful Book Fair this year!  Total sales were $1856.49. For the first time, a scanner was used and students were issued receipts.  That was a fun and sometimes challenging aspect of this fair.  Thanks to these sales, the library will get over $800 in books from Scholastic. Ms. Riley uses these funds to purchase “fun” books the children enjoy such as Pete the Cat, Pig the Pug books, Jory John books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, graphic novels, and much  more....  When choosing books with these funds, Ms. Riley does not consider if a book ties into the curriculum since the children are spending their money (or their parents’ money), she chooses books she thinks they will enjoy just for the pure pleasure of reading. Thanks for supporting our fall book fair.   



    2021-2022 SC Book Award Nominees

    These are the 2021-2022 SC Book Award Nominees for Picture and Children's Books.  Twenty (20) books for each section have been carefully selected by a committee of librarians, teachers, students, and parents.  We have most of these books available in the library. Students will vote in February for their favorite.  The SC winner will be announced in March 2022. Picture Book Nominees are on the left. These suitable for Grades 5K-3rd.  Chapter Book Nominees are on the right. These titles are suitable for Grades 3rd-5th. Students should read a minimum of five (5) books from their category in order to vote.



Meet Your Library Staff

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