First Circle

    Spartanburg High School’s literary magazine, First Circle, is published at the end of the year. This student magazine is a compilation of literary works, art, and photography all done by SHS students. 


    Spartanburg High School newspaper is published on an average of once a month. This scholastic newspaper keeps students and patrons of SHS up-to-date on school news and sports and also has a special feature and human interest stories. It also provides experience in journalistic writing, editing, and business management to those students interested. Tryouts for reporter positions are held every fall.
    Spartanburg High School’s annual, the SAGA, is published at the end of each school year. SAGA, primarily an assemblage of pictures, serves as a permanent record of all that has happened in school during the year. It contains individual student and faculty pictures as well as pictures of clubs, class beauties, and senior superlatives. The annual staff is chosen similar to the way the newspaper staff is chosen and meets in the SAGA office daily.
    The cost for SAGA will be $70 at the beginning of the year, increase to $75 by mid-year, and increase to $80 toward the end of the year. Announcements will be made to inform students of these price changes during the year.

    Weekly Newsletter

    All club, publications, and other group announcements that are to appear in The Weekly E-Newsletter should be turned in to Ms. Means by Thursday of each week. These announcements will be in the bulletin the following week. Each announcement must be written and signed by the faculty sponsor. Regular club meetings and athletic events will automatically appear. The E-Newsletter will be emailed to students, parents, and teachers every Thursday of each week.