• Beginning in kindergarten, all students have weekly classes in art and general music.  Most elementary schools also have performing choral groups for the upper elementary grades, and creative writing is included within the language arts curriculum.  Fifth grade brings opportunities to begin band or orchestra, and some schools also feature classes in dance and drama.

    At the middle school level, fine arts classes are offered as part of students’ regular schedules, and there are many opportunities for creative expression.  Above and beyond scheduled classes, schools have extracurricular opportunities with concerts and other productions.  A typical year in the district will find as many as seven full-scale musical productions from school to school, and an annual district musical completes the celebrations.

    The creative writing emphasis continues in middle and high school, both as part of language arts and in specific classes.  Visual arts students present their works in various shows at the school, district, and community levels.  All of the performing groups at Spartanburg High School win annual awards in various competitions, and the concerts offered by the students are outstanding.  Across the various fine arts areas, there are 32 professional, dedicated teachers who instruct students in those special areas to maintain the level of excellence that has always existed in the district.

    Though the fine arts have suffered in budget cuts in other places across the county, Spartanburg District 7 has always supported its students in fine arts education.  Those students continue participating as adults and contribute to their own communities.