A Little More About Us!

  • This is an exciting time to be a part of the District 7 community. There is energy across the board, and the district continues to earn regional and national visibility for our commitment to equity in education and our focus on addressing the needs of the whole child.

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    As we strive to ensure each student is college and career ready, our secondary school programs provide a clear snapshot of our progress. The district’s graduation rate has improved significantly over the past eight years and is well above the state and national average. Of these students, over 80% continue their education at a higher education institution or the military.  Ensuring our students are ready for the world of postsecondary education begins early.  Spartanburg High School’s rigorous Advanced Placement program ranks among the best in the state.  Over 100 Advanced Placement Scholars are identified annually, and our passage rates far exceed the national average. Two student cohorts simultaneously earned their high school diploma and an associates degree  from the Viking Early College and the Spartanburg County Early College High school. Additionally, numerous students earned dual college credit and industry certifications at Spartanburg High School, Daniel Morgan Technology Center and the Scholars Academy.  Our SAT average was among the highest in Spartanburg County. With these consistently positive student outcomes, The Washington Post has once again ranked Spartanburg High School as one of our nation’s most challenging high schools.  

    Furthering our mission to inspire and equip students for meaningful lives of leadership and service, the District is also involved in a variety of important partnerships that support our efforts to move students beyond the mastery of subject material. The strength of our district continues to rest upon the robust partnerships we have in place. With support from organizations like the Spartanburg Academic Movement (SAM),  the Northside Initiative, the Highland Group, the City of Spartanburg, One Spartanburg, Compassionate Schools and The Way to Wellville, we are fully invested in bettering the quality of life for our students, their families and the broader community. Through these partnerships, we continue to expanded our educational offerings, and we look forward to broadening our public-private partnerships with the opening of The Franklin School.  This world class early learning center opened on our district’s Northside in 2019 with the goal of providing children, birth to 5 years of age, the tools they need to enter school ready to learn.  

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    Looking to the future, a number of capital projects are changing the landscape of District Seven. The District opened the new Drayton Mills Elementary School in August 2018.  Construction on the new Spartanburg High School is progressing, and during the 2019-2020 school year we will look forward to relocating to this state-of-the-art facility.  In our work to be a leading district in the Southeast, we look to the future with an abiding commitment to give our students a competitive edge through exceptional instruction, world-class learning environments, and our ongoing efforts to provide a technology rich learning environment throughout our schools. We’re excited about the gains taking place in District 7 and dedicated to a school system that readies every child for the world beyond school.  We encourage you to follow us on our website and on social media.