• The DMES Dining Hall prepares three meals a day, five days a week! Breakfast and lunch are available to all of our students at no charge, and supper is also available at no charge to students participating in the Kids Club. 


    DMES participates in Breakfast in the Classroom, shown by research to have positive impacts on overall student health, learning, and behavior. Click here to learn more about the Breakfast in the Classroom program. 


    Our Dining Hall abides by all applicable laws regarding nutrition and school food service. As such, students may be required to take certain items as part of their meal. We are unable to heat, microwave, or otherwise prepare any food that children bring from home.


    We hope that you will feel welcome to join your child for lunch! Adult meals are $4.85 per meal.


    Look for the link on our home page to see this month's menus.