• Jonathan Green, DMES nurse, has experience in sports medicine and at all grade levels, elementary through high school. In addition to addressing the day-to-day health needs of our children, he is a vital part of our DMES School Safety Plan.


    Alyson Brown, school nurse, has experience in family medicine, labor and delivery, neonatal and pediatrics. Her passion is pediatrics and loves working with school aged children. Her goal here at DMES is to keep our children healthy, safe, in school and ready to learn. She loves the DMES community and is thankful for being able to care for your children. 


    Either nurse may be reached at (864) 586-7979 or you may email either one  email by clicking here, Alyson Brown or  Jonathan Green.


    In a further commitment to child well-being, Spartanburg District 7 maintains and abides by a wellness policy. This (along with other policies) may be obtained by clicking here, Spartanburg 7 Wellness Policy.