1:1 Digital Immersion

  • Spartanburg District 7 believes the use of technology can greatly support learning and instruction in our classrooms.   In conjunction with our outstanding teachers, our 1:1 initiative (one device for every child) aims to create a truly student-centered, 21st century learning environment.  The initiative involves the full digital immersion of classrooms in Spartanburg School District Seven. Under the initiative, all District Seven students grades 2-12 receive a 13" MacBook Air laptop and K-1 classrooms are equipped with sets of iPads.  In addition, every certified staff member receives a MacBook Air laptop and iPad.  This mobile technology allows students and staff to access learning anytime and anyplace. In addition, every classroom is equipped with a Promethean interactive ActivPanel.  The availability and immersion of technology in the learning environment empowers our students by providing opportunities to garner the skills to compete successfully in today’s society. We are confident this vision of student-centered learning, supported by an array of technology resources, will ignite an educational spark and produce future-ready graduates.

Awards and Recognition

  • Spartanburg School District 7 is proud to be one of the 93 school districts nationwide who partner with a select group of educational leaders, researchers and visionary entrepreneurs as part of Digital Promises' League of Innovative Schools.  The League works to pioneer innovative learning and leadership practices aimed at improving student outcomes and preparing students for lifelong learning. 

    Spartanburg District 7 has been recognized by Apple as a Distinguished Program for innovation, leadership, and excellence in the educational use of technology.  The designation showcases the District's vision of providing and cultivating school environments that inspire and engage students in creativity and critical thinking to promote student achievement. 

    1:1 digital immersion has transformed teaching and learning and has brought opportunities to engage and inspire our teachers and students.  Former Superintendent Dr. Russell Booker describes Seven Ignites as a "moral imperative", where devices in the hands of every student and teacher in grades 2-12 has brought an abundance of opportunities to engage all of our students in critical skills that will lead them to success in the classroom and beyond.