Certificate Renewal

  •  Renew a Professional Certificate

     Renewal Eligibility

    • A South Carolina educator's professional certificate is valid for five years and expires on June 30 of the expiration year. In order to be eligible for certificate renewal, the educator must earn a minimum of 120 renewal credits, as described in the renewal credit matrix, during the five-year validity period of the certificate. Certificate renewal matrix can be found here. 

      Credit Validity

      Credits cannot be more than five (5) years old at the time an educator applies for renewal. Renewal credit that is more than five (5) years old will not be accepted for renewal purposes, even if the credit was earned within the validity period of an already expired certificate.

      Expired Certificates

      Professional educator certificates remain eligible for renewal up to ten (10) school years beyond their expiration.  If a professional certificate has expired for ten (10) school years or more, the educator must either reapply for an Initial certificate under the current requirements, or the educator must satisfy current reciprocity requirements.

             Certificate Renewal Computation Sheet