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    Wow!  It's hard to believe a new year is beginning.  Miss Connor and I are excited to welcome our new friends on Monday, August 19th.  Please remember our staggered schedule for the first week of school.  All students come on Monday, but then your child will come back on his/her testing day. (Please let me know if you don't know your day.) Then all students will return on Friday, August 25th. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. aescoggins@spart7.org.  We are going to have an AWESOME year!


    Important August and September dates:

    August 30 - Brusters at School ($2 due by 8/28)

    August 30 - College colors day

    September 2  - Labor Day- no school

    September 10 - Open House @ 5:30

    September 16 - Fall Pictures

    September 18 - Early dismissal day - students dismiss at 11:30

    September 20 - Brusters at School ($2 due by 9/18)

    September 21 - Color Run

    September 24 - Chick Fil A Night



    Our Essential Agreements

     ***** will be determined as a class during the first few weeks of school *****


    Weekly Schedule: All activities are at 1:45-2:20 except Friday.  

    Monday - Art

    Tuesday - Foreign Language and PE (be sure to wear tennis shoes)

    Wednesday - Music

    Thursday - Library (be sure to return library books)

    Friday - Music


    Lunch is at 10:50-11:25

    Recess is at 11:45


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    Who We Are

    Our central idea is "Learning about myself and friends builds relationships."  

     Our lines of inquiry are

    • Identify people of authority
    • How a classroom community can function
    • Diversity within the class




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    Doing whatever it takes to give every child every chance to succeed.




    Jesse Boyd Elementary school makes it our mission to inspire and equip all to become lifelong learners and productive community members through a challenging and supportive environment which promotes academic excellence, confidence and creativity.     


    • Teachers recognize students as unique, valued individuals who gain the knowledge and skills necessary to apply their learning in meaningful contexts.
    • Teachers, staff, students, parents, and community members should work cooperatively to enhance the education of children in a changing world using a variety of instructional approaches and technology to meet student’s individual needs.
    • All students, staff, and parents should be treated with respect regardless of cultural and individual differences.
    • All Staff members are committed to ongoing personal and professional growth to foster the pursuit of lifelong learning for themselves and their students.


    We envision a school in which:

    • Students are challenged to reach their full academic potential.
    • Students and staff treat each other with respect in a safe, supportive atmosphere.
    • Parents and community are involved and support school endeavors.
    • The staff is committed to professional growth and development.


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