• Classroom Annoucements: It is important every child has a change of clothes! If your way of going home changes, please email, call, or send a letter to let us know!

    Classroom Essential Agreements:

    These will be created by students and teachers the first week of school.


    Current Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are 

    Current Unit of Study:  School Rules, Who is in Our School, Who we are

    Our Daily/weekly schedule:

    Andrea Shaw Daily Schedule


    7:45-8:05- unpack, bathroom, morning work at tables, lunch count

    8:05- 8:35- morning meeting, read aloud, teach town

    8:35- 9:55- Reading stations

              -station rotations

              -Shaw and Vinesett pull students to read with them

    9:55- snack

    10-11- math stations and Milo time (Wednesday- Friday)

    11-12- 2nd RA (individual schedule) continue math and reading with other students

    12-12:30- lunch

    12:30 or 1 – recess (depending on the day)

    12:30 or 1- first grade related arts

    1-2- Science/SS finish math lessons

    1:45- k5 Related Arts

    2:10- pack up, review from the day



    We will have snack daily due to our later lunch. You are welcome to send in a snack for your child each day. Snack will not be provided by the teachers. We have water to drink in the classroom so a drink is not needed. Snack should be something quick your child can eat as we transition from reading to math.


    Breakdown of RA- your student will go with their appropriate grade level:


    11-11:55- Art (2)

     12:30- 1- PE (1)

    1:05- 1:35- Media (1)

    1:45- 2:20- Media (k)



    9:30- Media (all)

    11-11:30- PE (2)

    11:35- 12:05- Media (2)

    12:30- 1- Music (1)

    1:45-2:20- Art (k5)



    11-11:30- Music (2)

    12:30-1 PE (1)

    1:45-2:20 PE (k5)




    11-11:30 PE (2)

    1:05-1:40 Art (1)

    1:45-2:20 Music (k5)



    11-11:30- Music (2)

    1:05-1:35 Music (1)