• The mission of McCracken Middle School is to provide positive learning experiences for all students, enrich the quality of their lives, encourage them to reach their full potential as individuals, and enable them to become productive members of society.


  • We envision a school in which:

    • Each student and staff member feels valued, safe, and respected.
    • Educational opportunities are designed for students and staff to maximize learning.
    • Student achievement is dependent upon a coalition of school, home, and community.
    • A safe, orderly, and secure learning environment exists.
    • Facilities and resources support and enhance all educational programs.
    • Students and staff have continuous development as a community of learners.
    • The curriculum includes the knowledge and skills for student success at all levels.


  • We believe that:

    • All students should be given educational opportunities that maximize their learning potential.
    • Family and community involvement are indispensable factors in increased student performance.
    • A safe and supportive school environment is essential for learning.
    • Continuous professional development is essential for teacher performance and student progress as a community of learners.
    • The curriculum must include standards and challenges that require higher thinking skills.
    • Education for all students should be dynamic, embracing technology and delivering success at all levels.
    • Student success has its foundation in regular school attendance.


  • Inspire and Equip Every Child With Every Opportunity Every Day!