It Takes A Inspire and Equip Our Children

  • What We Want For Students We say it all the time! It takes a village to raise a child. But, the pearl of wisdom lost in that slightly overused cliché is that it should take a village to raise our children. District 7's Mission, Vision and Values statement represents the voices and insights of many. Our students, teachers and staff, our families, community partners and stakeholders have all been invested in charting our direction.

    In a process that started with pen and paper (yes, pen and paper!) and the help of a visual recorder, the village we call the District 7 community was instrumental in helping us develop the document we’ve dubbed our “Inspire and Equip” manifesto. Delving into the quintessential questions that every organization must revisit from time to time, we talked about who we are as a District, what we stand for and what we strive to accomplish. We talked about how best to serve and support the students we educate and what we hope to look like in the next 25 to 50 years.   

    While our mission, vision and values clearly define the purpose and promise of District 7, it’s important to note that these objectives will certainly evolve over time. As they do, we’ll continue to look to the D7 community (our village) to help advance our progress and realize our goals.

    The image featured here is one of several illustrations captured by visual recording artist Jocelyn Ring at a focus group in February 2015. Months later, the District used those illustrations and ideas to to produce a formal design for our mission, vilsion and values statement.