COURSE CODE:        285811C0


    INSTRUCTOR:           Karon Thomas


    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Are you thinking about a career as a chef or an event planner, or a career at a resort area or in the hotel business? Take this one-semester course to learn about culinary arts and the hospitality career cluster. Learn to prepare and serve food using correct techniques and materials.  Learn how to plan and carry out an event using principles of good hospitality. The skills you develop will help you not only in a future career, but also right now in your personal life.


    GRADE LEVEL:       7th and 8th




    CREDIT:        Semester Grade


    OBJECTIVE:   Given effective instruction, equipment, and supplies, the student in Exploring Foods and Hospitality will successfully complete the following core competencies.



    1. Demonstrate understanding of classroom procedures.
    2. Demonstrate safety procedures while working in the kitchen.
    3. Demonstrate sanitation procedures while working in the kitchen.
    4. Prepare foods by interpreting recipes and following directions.
    5. Demonstrate how to set a table correctly.
    6. Demonstrate an understanding of proper table etiquette.
    7. Identify knowledge, skills, and practices required for careers related to food.