• kids with Japanese teacher

    World Language Instruction in Spartanburg District 7


    Spartanburg District 7 offers the opportunity to all students to participate in the study of one or more world languages.  The program is both comprehensive in that it involves all of our schools and specialized in that each school can choose certain language paths that benefit its students. 

    Overall, the District offers instruction in Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish.  German and Latin are available for high school students with a potential four years of study in either language.  Instruction in Chinese, French, and Spanish can begin as early as the kindergarten year.  Several elementary schools offer a language rotation program in the primary grades, allowing young students to experience two or three languages in a year.  Typically, then students choose a language for more concentrated study in grades four and five.

    At the middle school level, students may continue a language emphasis from elementary school (A stream), or they may choose to begin a new language (B stream).  Either path provides the opportunity for students to earn high school credit beginning in the eighth grade.  Middle school classes meet every day as a scheduled period, so students are able to progress in their language acquisition and proficiency.

    The four years at Spartanburg High School provide new or ongoing world language paths in all five languages that are offered, and those students who have specialized in a particular area may take Advanced Placement language classes.  Opportunities abound for cultural study and extracurricular activities.

    The District is proud to employ 27 world language teachers, including two exchange teachers from China.  The world language staff members meet students’ needs from grades kindergarten through twelve in the areas of language study, cultural appreciation, conversational skills, and the importance of world communication.