• Media Arts Syllabus

    Mrs. Roper


    Overview: In this course you will be exposed to the ideals of journalism and its varied forms, including print and broadcast and online. Alongside our learning, we will also be producing our own video projects.

    Supplies needed: You will need your AVID binder, planner, pencil and notebook paper, and your Macbook daily.

    Expectations:  You will be broadcasting information to the entire school. This is a HUGE responsibility that you need to take seriously. You are expected to come to class on time, with supplies, ready to work.  You may be given assignments that require your group to go to another part of the building or record in the news room while I am working with other students. You will also be entrusted with some expensive equipment.  You are expected to be PROFESSIONAL at all times as you represent our news crew. Anyone not following these expectations will be written up and possibly have their press pass revoked. This course requires collaborating with others on a daily basis. We will be doing regular critiques of each other’s work, but we will always do so in the spirit of kindness and respect for one another and a desire to improve as a team. 

    Grades: Students who participate in class and complete their assignments on time will get an A in this class. That means everyone should get an A in this class!

    • 30% Classwork (This will include daily participation, taking notes and keeping a running vocabulary for this class)
    • 40% Quizzes and Tests (You will have a midterm vocabulary quiz and a final, as well as a project at the end of the term)
    • 10% Homework (Your homework is always to watch or read the news. We will discuss this on Fridays).
    • 20% Organization  (2 Notebook spot checks)