Defining a Public-Private Partnership

  • Meeting Street Academy is a public-private partnership school. Meeting Street Academy is not a public school, a private school, or a charter school! That leaves many baffled.

    What is a public-private partnership school?

    As a public-private partnership school, MSA operates as a traditional public school at its core. It serves a defined neighborhood attendance zone, and students living in that attendance area are able to attend the school from K5-5th grade. It also utilizes District 7 operational services, such as transportation, food services, custodial services, and building maintenance.

    MSA also follows (most of) the regulations of hte South Carolina Department of Education for public schools, and its students take all state-mandated assessments as District 7 students.

    So what makes MSA different?

    Students perform in front of the school Where MSA differs from other public schools is in the autonomy it retains through the public-private partnership:

    • Teachers

      Through waivers from the South Carolina Department of Education, our teachers are hired by Meeting Street Schools ( on one-year contracts. 
    • School Calendar

      We also operate on an extended day schedule and extended year calendar
    • 3K and 4K Funding

      MSA serves District 7 3K and 4K students through the generosity of private donors because of its strong belief in early childhood education.
    • Curriculum

      MSA also has the flexibility to set its own curriculum and make alterations to the curriculum to best serve its students.

    The Bottom Line

    MSA and District 7 have formulated a strong partnership that's rooted in providing the best education possible for students who reside in the neighborhoods we serve. Every school in South Carolina faces differing challenges. Through additional resources and educational flexibility, our hope is that MSA and District 7 can leverage the power of partnership to serve South Carolina's students in strategic and innovative ways.