Our Village of 100

  • Located primarily in the city of Spartanburg, District 7 enrolls approximately 7,300 students each year and is staffed by a team of 1,200 professionals. You’ll find 13 schools in the District, including eight elementary schools, two middle schools and our flagship Spartanburg High School. While statistics like these may be helpful, we think it’s far more meaningful to define our demographics by scaling down the numbers.

    In other words, if you imagine the District to be a village of 100 children – this is what we would look like:

    Our Village of 100

    • 54 African-American
    • 30 Caucasian
    • 8   Hispanic
    • 3   Asian
    • 5   Other
    • 93 are present for school on a given day
    • 22 in the gifted program
    • 32 enrolled in Advanced Placement
    • 13 have a disability
    • 70 live in poverty (individual schools range from 38% – 95% poverty)
    • 85 will graduate in 4 years with a diploma
    • 70 will attend college or enter the military within a year of graduating

About D7

  • With a visionary school board at the helm, with support from our staff, parents and local leaders, we are taking the road less traveled to transform teaching and learning in and out of the classroom. As we seek to inspire and equip our students, we do so with the understanding that they must be prepared for a highly competitive and increasingly global community.    At the same time, we think it’s equally important to instill in our children a sense of hope, an optimistic outlook, and a “can do” attitude – nurturing in each of them a sense of belonging and self-worth. These bright and talented young people are more than student outcomes – they are the future of our city, our state and our world.