• Corona Virus Break - While we are at home, students' assignments will be posted in Google Classroom each week for them to complete. Each class period has a code which will enable them to complete the assignment.  The assignments are not intended for the student to work an hour each day, as if they were in school, but simply to ensure they are doing work to prevent them from falling behin while out of school.  If your child has a problem, please don't hesitate to email me at VRLewis@spart7.org, at which time I will get back with you asap.  I will be online from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, but will also check my email periodically each hour.

    These are the codes for each period;  1st period - bi26fok              3rd period - 3exwms               4th period - u36c437             5th period - ndpn2u7

    Please take care of you and your family and be safe.  As we've heard so often, these are unpresidented times and we don't know how long this break from school will last, but we can work together to stay caught up so no one will have their grades to suffer.  Meanwhile,  I am praying for each of you and your families, our school staff, state, and nation, that none of us will suffer from the virus before an answer can be found to eliminate it.  If there's anything I can do to help you in any way, please let me know.


    Dr. Viola Lewis




    Absent Assignments - When students are absent for various reasons, they typically get behind in their classwork and assignments.  While it is impossible to include everything that will be covered in class during the students' absence, there are still some things that can be done at home that will ensure minimizing zeroes for missed work.  The first part of each week is set aside for students to define vocabulary and essential questions that will be discussed that week.  Completing these things allow the student to understand and contribute in the discussions as I demonsrate the concepts for that week.  These vocabulary definitions may also be used on Friday's test that we have every week - so it is imperative that they bring this material to class after completing it at home.  If a student is too ill to complete this work, then provisions will be made for him/her to complete it when he/she returns to school, but if they are home for OSS or other reasons, then this assignment should be completed and returned.  If you have any questions about this, please email me at VRLewis@spart7.org.  

    Thank you,

    Dr. Oley Lewis


    Assignments for January, 2020;

    Directions; The vocabulary are located at the top of the page in a box.  They are defined in the text, in order of the list.  Each word is bolded, and highlighted.  'The entire sentence, with the definition needs to be copied.  Essential questions are located in bold at the top of the page, with a doorkey beside it.  The answer is in the paragraph with the questions as the title.  The answer has the doorkey beside it.  The complete sentence with the answer should be copied.

    Students need to fill out the work in their interactive science book for the week.  They need to read the lesson and fill in each of the blanks and answer the questions on each page. By doing this, it will familiarize them with the demonstrations and discussions that they are missing.


    7-10    "What are Waves?" & "Properties of Waves"

    Vocabulary - pages 51 &  57

    Essential Questions - pages 50 & 56

    Filling in the book - pages 51 - 63


    13-17  "Interactions of Waves"

    Vocabulary - page 65

    Essential questions - page 64

    Filling in the bool - pages 64 -71


    21-24 "The Nature of Electromagnetic Waves" & "Waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum"

    Vocabulary - pages 85 & 89

    Essential Questions - pages 84 & 88

    Filling in the Book - Pages 84 - 95


    27 - 31  "Wireless Communication" & "Light & Color"

    Vocabulary - pages 96 & 117

    Essential Questions - pages 95 & 116

    Filling in the Book - pages 95 - 103. & 116 -121