Welcome to TeachTown!

  • TeachTown has one clear mission: To improve the academic, behavioral, and adaptive function of students with disabilities.  

    TeachTown Basics provides an evidence-based curriculum that addresses the academic, cognitive, and social emotional challenges faced by students with developmental delays, intellectual disability (ID), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through computer-delivered and teacher-led instruction, students learn individualized skills that are both developmentally appropriate and grade-aligned. TeachTown Basics is for students who are ages 2-10 developmentally and 2-22 chronologically.

     TeachTown Elementary Social Skills is an engaging curriculum designed to teach young children skills to improve social interaction. This program provides strategies that are founded in research and utilize evidence-based practices to teach essential social skills to young students. The curriculum teaches appropriate, positive social behaviors, allowing students to flourish in inclusive environments. With a video-modeling episode for each targeted social skill, students are able to view appropriate social interactions as demonstrated by an engaging cast of characters. 

    TeachTown Middle Social Skills offers teachers a comprehensive curriculum to teach crucial social skills, with a focus on increasing emotional intelligence and building self-management skills. This program utilizes evidence-based practices, such as video modeling, Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention, and visual supports, to teach appropriate, positive social skills and replacement behaviors.

    TeachTown Transition to Adulthood is a pilot program with a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach students with disabilities in secondary and post-secondary programs critical skills to increase independence, community access, and employability.