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Degrees and Certifications:

BA English/Secondary Education M.Ed. Secondary Education (English)

Ms. Lou Ann Parris

Hello!  My name is Ms. Parris, and I enjoy teaching English at Whitlock Flexible Learning Center.  I grew up in Union, South Carolina, and graduated from Union High School (now Union County Comprehensive High School).  Following high school, I attended Columbia College for two years before transferring to Converse College.  I received my BA in English/Secondary Education and my Masters in Education from Converse.   

Currently, I teach English 2, World Literature and English 3, American Literature.   As an avid reader, I enjoy teaching these courses immensely.  This year my classes will read and study poetry, drama, short stories, and novels.  In addition to the various literary genres my classes will explore, we also will study composition and effective communication techniques.    

This year has been filled with learning experiences for everyone, and we at WFLC are up for the challenges.   We may be facing unfamiliar and often difficult situations, but we will succeed because we are learning. Reading is the main component of my classes.   I love to read; and I tell my students that if they are interested in anything, they, too, like to read.   

In addition to reading, I have a few other hobbies and interests.  Among these are playing the piano, hiking or taking long walks, cooking and baking, and writing (especially poetry).  I also love history, and I spend some weekend time watching very old movies because they make the old days come alive. 

Choosing a book that is my favorite is difficult:  Lonesome Dove and The Pillars of the Earth series tie for first place.  Choosing a favorite poet is also difficult, but Emily Dickinson is definitely near the top of my list of favorites. 

My goal for my students is that they will discover something in literature or language that they love.  No matter what it may be......poetry, ryhme, beats, stories, or drama.....I hope my students find it.  Their prize will be a priceless lifelong gift.